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04 Apr

Bo Jackson: Two-Major Sport All-Star Athlete and One of the World’s Greatest of All Time

Posted by hy nguyen

It is not uncommon for any prominent athlete of any sport to be also skilled in other sports. What is rare, however, is that who excelled on two unique sports, the person was widely considered one of sports world’s greatest. Speaking of excelling on two major sports, baseball and American football, it has got to be one person—Bo Jackson.

Born Vince Edward Jackson, after his mother’s then-favorite actor, Vince Edward was more known of his nickname “Bo.” As a member of the Jackson household, he was the 8th out of 10 children and was raised in Bessemer, Alabama. Known for being troublesome as a kid, Bo earned the nickname “wild boar hog” from his family.

Despite his difficult childhood, Jackson’s potential as an athlete showed as early as his high school years when, as a senior high schooler, he made remarkable records on two different sports: he rushed a total of 1175 yards as a running back in American football and making 20 homeruns from 25 games as a baseball player.

What would had been an early entry into the professional sport of baseball after having been picked by the New York Yankees during the 1982 Major League Baseball draft, Bo Jackson instead chose to continue on his studies in college by choosing to attend Auburn University as a varsity player in American football.

His reason for choosing higher studies under full scholarship instead of an early yet lucrative career in professional baseball, as it appears, was rooted in a promise to his family of being the first in the household to attend major college.

Not contended with just playing for a single sport as a varsity player for his university, Jackson played for both baseball and American football while in Auburn University. But due to legibility issues which Bo considers as an affront to his potential baseball career, Jackson was one option out from his two chosen sport and was left for American football.


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Despite his recent stint as a footballer in college, Bo’s initial step in the professional sport pointed him to his other favored sport: baseball.

Bo Jackson signed up with the Kansas City Royals, by then a very formidable team in the professional sport as a World Series champion defender, instead of becoming an NFL player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

While under the contract with the Royals, Jackson was actively playing for the club’s Class AA minor league affiliate, Memphis Chicks, to which he played 53 games for.

Since then, Bo had started a solid career in baseball but which had started its decline in 1991 after sustaining a hip injury but was not until 1994 that he chose to retire from the scene overall.


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