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05 Apr

Cal Ripken, Jr.: Baseball History’s Best Shortstop and Third Baseman

Posted by hy nguyen

The shortstop and third baseman position may not be ones that great batters hold in baseball. In fact, it’s the complete opposite as these positions are meant for players who are, by standards, poor batters.

However, both shortstops and basemen would not be in the field if not of their significant importance in making defensive plays against an opposing team, especially when science about baseball explicitly states that there are more right-handed hitters among baseball players than there are left-handed ones. That, in addition to the fact that these hitters are also likely to make pull hits, makes both positions critical in any play defensively.

Being considered as baseball history’s greatest shortstop and third baseman at the same time, the name Cal Ripken, Jr. is monumental among baseball players who contribute to the team defensively than offensively.

Born to a father who himself was directly involved in the professional sport of baseball, Calvin Edwin “Cal” Ripken, Jr. is a testament to the ages-old saying “an apple does not stray far from the tree” after following the same footstep as his father did before him.

Ripken, Jr., in fact, realized early in life that he would like to play baseball when he come to its idea as young as three years of age. By age 10, likely through the tutelage of his parent, he already mastered the basic and concept of the sport which solidified his desire in pursuing it as a future career.


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While the Ripken family has always considered the state of Maryland to be their home, the Ripkens—due to the nature of the father of the household’s work as a baseball team coach—are always on the move, going from one place to another wherever and whenever the demand of the work calls for it.

Like his sibling, Cal was a student of Aberdeen High School while also a player of baseball in the said school.

Although once held the pitcher position at some point in his high school career with the sport, Cal Ripken has had better experience on the defensive aspect of the play by being a shortstop.

Committed in pursuing a professional career in a sport he loves, Cal entered Major League Baseball after graduating from high school which had him drafted by the same team which his father had been coaching—the Baltimore Orioles.

Young and still quite inexperienced for the professional level, Ripken, Jr. was set to play for Bluefield Orioles to kickstart his minor league career.

After three years, in 1981, Cal Ripken joined the “big boys” of his team as he played for the Baltimore Orioles which lasted him all of his career days until he called for retirement after 21 fruitful years in 2001.

Like many outstanding sportsman of his chosen sport, the Cal Ripken, Jr. is not without is many merits to it resulting from a very successful career in baseball.


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