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10 Apr

Darryl Strawberry: The Former Professional Baseball Player Who Is Now a Christian Minister, Author

Posted by hy nguyen

Switching from one profession to another is nothing uncommon in business. Many who initially found motivation to pursue on one thing end up choosing another, whether still in line with their original option or otherwise.

We have seen sportsman who once were active players in their chosen sport into becoming coaches to the new bloods of the same sport. Others jumped from being the stars of the field into becoming a star of something else—like a celebrity who acts on TV.

But then there are also those who chose a completely different path, it comes as a surprise that such a thing ever happened—very much like the story of Darryl Strawberry, an ex-baseball professional-turned-Christian-minister-and-author.

While the name Darryl Strawberry may be renowned now in the House of God, back at a time when he holds a bat or a glove, Darryl is feared in the baseball field for being a fierce slugger who make home runs against opposing teams. He was so good and intimidating in the batter’s box during his heyday, many critics compare Strawberry to that of a baseball legend, Ted Williams.

As a left-handed, Darryl makes for a few baseball players who make great use of his left extremities rather than his right. But that alone was not his secret for success.


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Strawberry was drafted by the New York Mets as early as 1980 but it was not until 1983 when he debuted in the professional game.

Known for his unique stance when batting, Darryl finds niche in the sport and which he used for his advantage. To his credit, he was awarded with the National League’s Rookie of the Year in that same year he started with the Mets.

Strawberry’s greatest highlight of his overall career was found in his first 7 years with the New York Mets when home runs after home runs, he developed a reputation with the baseball fans in New York as well as to the young audiences across America.

Although Darryl’s career would still continue for three more teams for the span of 9 years since the Mets, Strawberry’s performance in the field started its decline in 1991, partly resulting from a limited playtime.

This was made worse by the scandalous life Darryl regarding the use of illegal substance, cocaine, and later on, his diagnosis of colon cancer.

Having retired from the sport which made him renowned, Strawberry switched his attention from sport to his faith as a Christian starting in 1999 when he made a number of televised appearances professing about it.


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