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12 Apr

Denard Span: MLB’s Premier Leadoff Hitter, Top Defender

Posted by hy nguyen

Like many sports, baseball plays on two sides: offense to outscore the opponent and defense to mitigate the opposing team’s scoring capability. While both side are equally important in winning any match, maintaining a balance between these two aspects of the play is difficult without the right roster.

Commonly the case, any team which is set at a balance between offensive capability and defensive capability are composed of players who are good on either. But, then, there are also cases of players who, as per actual field performance, are juggling between offense and defense relatively very well, they make a significant place in both—just like Denard Span, MLB’s premier leadoff hitter and top defender.

He label is more than just a fluff with no basis, however. Despite being left-handed as a batter and a pitcher, Span’s outstanding on-hand percentage make him a force to be renowned with in the field, offensive. Paired with the right skill to make difficult catches, Denard unsurprisingly earned the mark of a top defender.

Although his fans would have known the legendary baseball player as Denard Span, his birth name was actually Keiunta Denard Span and was born in Washington, D.C.

Not much is known about Denard’s childhood life but his career in baseball is known to have started in high school. What would had been a Colorado Rockies player fresh from high school resulting from a $2 million predraft deal, Span instead chose the Minnesota Twins and was only 20th overall pick during the 2002 MLB Draft.


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However, Span, like many others who are beginners in the professional sport, did not initially play in the major league but rather in the minor league, specifically with the Elizabethton, a rookie-league affiliate of the Twins.

Made experienced in the sport for the more advanced league, Denard’s early years with the Twins was a trying time to impress him team. But just like life itself, it was with ups and downs.

Span’s effort finally pushed through in 2010 when he signed a 5-year, $16.5 worth of contract with the Twins.

Not able to live up to the fullness of his contract, Denard was traded over to Washington Nationals in 2012, roughly two years after he signed his contract with his previous team.

While able to make significant performance with the Nationals, Span’s later years with his newfound team was marred by his sustained injuries which had him go through a few surgeries.

As of January of 2016, Denard Span remains active in the professional, especially after signing a 3-year, $31 million contract with the San Francisco Giants, the same team he’s currently playing with.


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