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06 May

Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks: A Sports Channel with Its Own Custom Basketball Jersey?

Posted by hy nguyen

Ever thought what it would be like when many sports-related institutions suddenly had the desire to build their own basketball team and consequently, a birth of their own unique jerseys to boot?

We have seen it from non-sports-related institution as MTV which conduct friendly games using celebrities as people making its roster, even competing against their fellow celebrities themselves.

So, if any other foundation that is not a least bit related to sports managed to form a team of its own, how much more will one which is directly connected to it, the sport is actually its bloodline.


Perhaps it was not that hard to imagine that ESPN would have its own jersey—real or otherwise—simply just for the fun of it all. Just with the idea alone, I can already think of the many countless ways on how such a jersey will come to fruition.


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But enough with just the clothing that sportsmen who plays basketball wear. Let us also take a look at the program that brought the sport of basketball into national television and possibly even in other countries across the globe.

Resulting from a joint venture between the now big company, The Walt Disney Company, and the Hearst Company, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Networks, now popularly known by the initialism “ESPN,” is a cable and satellite sports television channel owned by ESPN, Inc.

Although primarily located in Bristol, Connecticut, ESPN also operates in various cities across a number of states, namely Charlotte, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Seattle.

Considered as one of the many successful sports networks, ESPN is accessible to as much as 81% of the total household in America alone. All in all, ESPN broadcasts across 200 countries around the globe.

As a channel dedicated to mostly about sports, ESPN covers both local and international sports. But based on a country considered to be the birthing ground of basketball, there is also a special focus towards the sport at both college and professional levels.


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