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16 Apr

Hideki Matsui: The Once Right-Handed Kid Who Learned to Bat from the Left

Posted by hy nguyen

Majority of the people who were born with two hands are ambidextrous which gives us the ability to work on our two hands: left and right.

But as not all of our life’s daily activities require the use of both left and right hands, oftentimes we deal with stuffs that only require one or the other, if not one hand doing more of the work, only to be supported by the other.

For tasks that use only a single hand, one has to be either a right-hand dominate or a left-hand dominate and is a matter that is unique to every person, similar to not all people hold a pen and write with their right hand.

Yet, for a reason that our mind is capable of adapting to change, there are instances when even one-hand-dominate persons learn to make use of the opposite hand as good as the usual.

For a kid who, by early life, knew that his right hand does him more service than his left, to learn to make use of his left hand for the exact same purpose as the right is a feat of adapting to change uncommon to many people.


Such is the life of a former professional baseball player who learned to bat using his left hand rather than the right that he once knew he was better at—the former professional baseball player from Japan and later on, in America, Hideki Matsui.

Born a right-handed, Matsui knows himself to be a capable batter, a truth he proved to himself as early as a child when playing with a sibling and friends in the same sport.

Too good in the sport, much to the embarrassment of his older brother, Hideki was pushed to play using what his brother believed to be a less dominant hand common to right-handed people as his younger sibling.

While Matsui conceded resulting from a bullying he did not deserved, the name Hideki Matsui grew to become an adept left-handed batter to which he was known in the sport.

But even before Matsui moved from one country to another and from team to team, Matsui was a high school graduate who got drafted in the professional sport as soon as he left school thus debuting with the Yomiuri Giants.


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For his first 9 or 10 years as a professional, Matsui is perhaps among which any people would consider very fruitful—primarily, because of the multiple awards he had garnered for himself as well as the reputation he solidified which caught the attention of the US teams.

Following his stint in Japan, Hideki flew to America to play in the Major League Baseball starting in 2003 until 2012 when he retired from the sport overall as most recently a New York Yankee player.


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