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20 Apr

Ken Griffey, Jr.: Baseball’s Most Prolific Hitter, Ranking 6th Overall in MLB History

Posted by hy nguyen

To be a great offensive baseball player, it would mean one of things: you either pitch so good, you can strikeout any batter or you hit with a very good precision, you make home run after home run.

While there are players who could manage to set a balance between skills respectively, there are those who chose one over the other, they literally placed themselves in a spot where average players could not.

Speaking of a great baseball hitter, perhaps the name Ken Griffey, Jr. is amongst the most memorable. After all, he was the only player in all of MLB history to rank as 6th best, based on the number of career home runs.


Born from a father who was formerly a professional baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds, Ken Griffey, Sr., Griffey, Jr. runs in his veins a blood of a real baseball player, much like the ages-old saying “an apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Exposed as a kid to the nature of baseball—a few occasions of which showed him how to play on a championship by his dad—Griffey, Jr. has all the right influences to push him on a track of becoming a baseball player—a path he took starting high school.

Fresh from high school as a graduate, Ken Griffey, Jr. proceeded to step his first move in his professional career when he was drafted first pick by the Seattle Mariners during a Major League Baseball Amateur Draft in 1987.


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He officially made his debut with the Bellingham Mariners in the professional sport starting June 16, 1987.

In that same year, sports magazine Baseball America hailed Griffey, Jr. as the league premier major league prospect.

Within the year 1988 alone, Ken had been into two other clubs, namely San Bernandino Spirit and Vermont Mariners.

But it was not until a year later, in 1989, when Griffey, Jr. set himself a reputation as one of the sport’s most prolific hitter. In fact, for four years—1994, 1997, 1998, and 1999—Ken holds the record as number one in home runs for the American League.

Throughout his 11-season stay with the Mariners, Griffey, Jr. has proven himself an outstanding sportsman, especially after bagging a multitude of awards and recognitions befitting only people with real talent on the sport.

Ken Griffey, Jr. left the Seattle Mariners after having traded to the Cincinnati Reds in the year 2000.

He spent 8 fruitful years with the Reds but only to return to his first and former team in 2009.

Contemplating on retirement as influenced by his performance decline, Griffey, Jr. retired from the sport overall in 2010, leaving a legacy that sets an inspiration to later hitters that he was once at his heyday.


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