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22 Apr

Mark McGwire: 1998 Major League Baseball Home Runs Record Holder

Posted by hy nguyen

In baseball, there are several known ways on how a player can make a hit: the single, the double, the triple—named after the number of base(s) reached after making the bat—and the home run.

When many are already satisfied or quite happy of making singles, doubles, and triples with their every swing of the bat, there are others who aim for the definite score by hitting home run. Perhaps among those who were capable of these goals, Mark McGuire is amongst the names that leaves a “mark,” especially after holding the record as MLB’s highest number of home runs, all in just a single season.


A record formerly held by Roger Maris at 61 home runs in a single season, McGuire beat the record at 70 back in 1998 in the Major League Baseball.

Born in California, Mark realized his passion towards sports early in his life and something he put an application to during high school playing with sports like golf, basketball, and unsurprisingly, baseball.

Pursuing on just a single sport starting in college at the University of Southern California, McGwire chose baseball under the tutelage of Rod Dedeaux.


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With just three years spent in college in addition to a stint at the 1984 Olympics, the Oakland Athletics acquired the budding baseball player during a drafting on that same year. However, it was not until 2 years later when McGwire debuted in the Major League, albeit as a cameo appearance only.

A few years since having been drafted for professional play, Mark McGwire retained rookie status in 1987 but easily took center stage after making his initial set of home runs.

Prior to the All-Star Break, Mark McGwire was placed in the American League All-star team for his stellar performance of 33 home runs early in his professional career. But this record was easily broken—by he himself—when three days later the record became 38, by then a record shared by two baseball players Frank Robinson and Wally Berger; an increase of 5 home runs from the previous.

Despite having great performances throughout the 1980s, Mark suffered plummeting performance in 1991, partly resulting from marital issues, one year of which he claimed to be the “worst year” of his life during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

Rebounding from the temporary decline in his performance, McGwire made a comeback with his amped play starting 1992. From 1992 to 1997, McGwire showed better performances in his ply than his 1991 stint despite suffering from an injury which limited his actions.

Mark McGwire spent his final four years to his second team, the St. Louis Cardinals, after getting traded sometime in 1997.

McGwire officially retired from the professional sport in 2001, only to start a career in coaching 9 years later in 2010. From then up to the present, Mark McGuire remains committed to this role but if currently a coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, previously from St. Louis Cardinals.


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