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30 Apr

Shin-Soo Choo: World Junior Baseball Championship’s MVP and Best Pitcher

Posted by hy nguyen

There are not that many Koreans who were born in the 1980’s and managed to penetrate the Major League for a professional baseball career. But with that as a criterion in addition to the fact that the person was once World Junior Baseball Championship’s MVP and best pitcher, that has to be one and only person—Shin-Soo Choo, the South Korea-borne and present-day Texas Rangers right fielder.

For one that was made prominent in the Major League after having won the title of MVP and best pitcher during the 2000 World Junior Baseball Championship, Choo’s earlier life and career remains rather obscure in the internet.

When did Shin-Soo’s interest in baseball began and how he took the initial step in its pursuance therefore remains unknown which makes most things that are known about the Busna-hailed professional baseball player have their start with the aforementioned World Junior Baseball Championship.


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Yet, there are a few exceptions: his birth date—and consequently, his age—is known. The native South Korean baseball player was born on July 13, 1982 and is presently 34 years of age.

So, when did Shin-Soo debuted his professional career at the Major League Baseball?

Although it was known that Choo’s prominence has had its start after the World Junior Baseball Championship of 2000, his entry into the MLB did not happen until April 21, 2005 as a player for the Seattle Mariners.

But like many fresh entry into professional baseball, Shin-Soo spent a good deal of his starting year in the MLB playing for the minor league, specifically for the Mariners’ AAA Affiliate, Tacoma Rainiers.

Barely half a season with the Seattle Mariners, Choo in addition to another minor league player, Shawn Nottingham, was traded over to the Cleveland Indians, a team where he spent a good portion of his MLB career.

In just two days after getting traded, Shin-Soo played against his former team and to which he made a solo home run against. The Indians won the game that day against the Mariners.

Playing again in the minor league but, this time, with the Indian’s AAA affiliate, Buffalo Bisons, Choo sustained injury which called for surgery back in 2007.

Having recovered from his injury, the baseball player originally from South Korea returned for the next season. Instead of suffering a declined performance resulting from the previous injury he sustained, Choo has had a boost in performance in 2008 which made a new record held by a South Korean-born MLB player.

In that same year—2008—Shin-Soo Choo was awarded AL Player of the Month.

The next year was also proved bountiful for Choo after having signed a 1-year contract with the Indians and even breaking his own records: hits, stolen bases, RBIs, and home runs.

Shin-Soo remained an active member of the Cleveland Indians until 2012 when he was traded over to the Cincinnati Reds to which he played for in 2013.

Lasting only a single season with the Reds, Shin-Soo Choo became an active player for the Texas Rangers starting 2014 up to the present.


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